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LED  Lighting  systems

LED lighting is a type of lighting that offers a number of advantages over traditional lighting options such as incandescent bulbs and CFL (compact fluorescent lights). LED lighting uses far less energy. The power consumption of an LED bulb is around 6 watts of power, with around 360 kilowatt hours of electricity being used over the lifespan of the bulb. LED's may be more expensive upfront, but the savings, efficiency, lifespan, minimal carbon emission, durability and brighter illumination make up for it in the long term. Compared to a 60 watt light bulb, LED bulbs use a tenth of the energy, with incandescent lamps using 3,600 kilowatt hours over the same time period of 60,000 hours. CFL lights fall somewhere in between but still use more than double the amount of energy of LED.  Aside from energy efficiency and lower carbon footprint, LED lights are known for their extremely long lifespan. An average LED bulb can last up to 60,000 hours of use, compared with 1,500 hours of use for a 60-watt incandescent light bulb. You would have to replace a standard light bulb about 40 times to equal 60,000 hours of use. CFL's on the other hand have a maximum lifespan of about 8,000 hours.

​We provide on-site audits to determine your needs to augment, replace or retrofit your current lighting system. Infin8enrgy, USA, delivers high standards in LED lighting systems and solutions for a variety of indoor and outdoor requirements for homes, commercial and industrial establishments as well as communities and municipalities.  Call us today for a free estimate.
Solar Farms, Gardens and Utility-grade projects
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solar  power  pv  systems

​Waste-To-Energy uses trash as a fuel for power generation and we provide our solutions for Asia and the International market. Similar to other power plants (just using trash rather than other fuels like coal, oil, or natural gas), the fuel is burned in a combustion chamber to heat tubes of water in boiler walls. The water is heated until it turns into steam, which is then used to drive a turbine generator that produces electricity. Chemical energy that is stored in waste materials is converted first to thermal energy (and ultimately generates steam), then to mechanical energy (high pressure, high temperature dry steam turns the blades of the turbine), and finally to electrical energy (via the generator connected to the turbine).

After the steam’s energy is extracted in the turbine, the steam is condensed back to water and circulated to the boiler, completing a closed-loop system. The electricity generated in this process is used to power the Facility and the remaining electricity is sold to National Grid, providing enough electricity for approximately 25,000-30,000 households.

On a smaller scale, like hotels and communities, the other process we use is C6 technology. The C6 technology can process a wide variety of waste and biomass streams to produce a clean, high calorific value gas, which is suitable for utilization in gas engines to generate green electricity.

Our engineers and specialists in Waste Management, EfW and WTE will give your establishment, community or city, a no-obligation audit and energy analysis to start a Feasibility Study that will determine the extent of your requirements and needs for us to deliver a proposal.

​We offer a biogas technology which... "is another method to treat solid waste with high organic content in easy to operate plants (in container-seized pods) to gain biogas and compost. 3A-biogas is designed to treat mixed waste as well as source separate collected biowaste. "If the only aim is to treat waste mechanically and biologically for further treatment or disposal, then 3A-biogas is an easy process to remove the wet, organic fraction by combined aerobic-anaerobic-aerobic treatment and screening after the biological step". - Horst Muller, CEO, 3A-Biogas Technology

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Waste  To  energy

wind  turbines  &  MICROGRID power  systems

Although wind has been harnessed for centuries, it has only recently emerged as a modern energy solution. Prior to the 21st century, wind power was often used to pump water from wells and drive grain and textile mills. Over the last twenty years, advances in technology and design have reduced the cost of wind energy by more than 80 percent, making wind one of the cheapest forms of energy.

Wind turbines and microgrid power systems are designed to produce energy across a wide range of wind speeds and wind conditions. The next generation of our industry leading permanent magnet/direct drive distributed wind turbines are now available. Originally developed with NASA and designed for remote and isolated sites, one of our systems has an innovative gearless direct drive, permanent magnet generator, best-in-class reliability, and pleasing aesthetics.

​At infin8energy, we carry a variety of different wind power systems and solutions, from simple home use to the more complex utility-grade wind turbine projects.  We tailor-fit the systems based upon your requirements and needs and will recommend multiple solutions that may require different products and services that we carry, like: wind with solar; wind with LED and solar; wind, solar, LED with water heater, etc...
Aesthetically pleasing and colorful solutions
Our Solar Professionals thoroughly analyze your personal energy needs as well as the functionality of your property to accurately develop the options we can deliver to most effectively fulfill your needs. We carefully inspect your residential, commercial and/or utility-scale power plants, as well as inventory the energy consuming equipment and analyze your current electrical bill on how we can minimize your expenses. We work diligently to expose potential issues and discover unique ways to maximize the output of your new Solar Power System. With a full staff comprised of experts, Infin8energy, USA, is able to plan, design and engineer each aspect of your project to produce the guaranteed results.

As a full service solar provider, we utilize only the best performing, most trusted Photovoltaic hardware available. More effectively, with a long life-span and subtle aesthetics, we are confident that the products we use delivers only the best in alternative energy solutions to our valued customers. In addition to using the best products on the market, each of our projects are meticulously implemented by our expert installation teams. Well versed in the science of placement, connection and launch, our installation teams are respectful of your home or establishment's privacy and needs while they work to complete your energy transformation.

​In addition to conducting energy efficiency audits, designing customized systems and managing actual installation of alternative energy assemblies, Infin8energy's partners carries all the necessary certifications and possesses the required knowledge to process utility rebates and educate clients on money saving tax codes attached to alternative energy installations as well as on the benefits of purchasing, financing and leasing options. We work with numerous international banks, financial institutions and leasing companies to get you the best qualified rates, terms and options for your new energy solutions project. We are with you every step of the way, from site analysis to performance evaluation, our Infin8energy team has the expertise to efficiently implement your alternative energy solution and set you on your way to energy independence. We're proud to partner with trusted and established companies who can efficiently support our goals for implementing solar solutions across Southern California, The Philippines and into the world.

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